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Platform 1™ works with business owners to help release them from day-to-day operations while not only maintaining but increasing their on-going income.

We do this by introducing a manager to the business who will later purchase shares through a minority shareholding, to reduce the owner's risk, and enable them to take cash off the table.

The business is revitalised and becomes an on-going growing investment, generating increasing shareholder wealth and allowing the owner to step back and enjoy the rewards of the work and value they have built.

Begin the journey from owner-operator to successful investor and start enjoying the rewards.

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Success Stories

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Meet the team

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Success Stories

Read some of our success stories
and find out if Platform 1™ is right
for you and your business.

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"We are impressed and delighted with the outcome. An extremely successful commercial arrangement and we are indebted to you for this initiative."

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